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Why should we work together?

I have a very good understanding of the principles of professionalism and courtesy.
I abide by the client comes first attitude.
I have good technical skills which enable me to use my knowledge in this industry.
I have the ability to conceptualize and think visually.
I have over 15 years of experience.
I have affordable and competitive rates.

Why videotape a depostition?

A professionally recorded videotaped deposition accurately depicts the witness' voice, appearance and demeanor.
Communication goes far beyond the written word.
Recording testimony by video captures body language, mood, temperament and more.

Does it matter which video company I use?

Absolutely. All videographers of Lane Productions are experienced professionals who will ensure that the project is properly and professionally recorded. The type and placement of camera, the proper use of supplemental lighting, and the clarity of the audio signal are among the many details that can serve to either enhance or detract from the usefulness of a video. Using our expert, independent services safeguards against bias that can arise from improper production.

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