Our company

David Lane


I migrated from Boston to Philadelphia in 2001. I’m a Drexel University graduate. I live 15 min outside Philadelphia with my wife and 3 girls. I’ve been in this industry since 2006 and have internationally traveled the world covering some major depositions during this span. London, Amsterdam, Germany, Finland, France, the list keeps growing…. not to mention throughout the United States. I’ve also worked with companies like NFL Films, local news organizations, and collaborated with many other local production companies to work with small and large businesses. If I’m not working, I’m usually spending time coaching or attending my girls’ sports, golfing with friends and colleagues, exploring new restaurants, or vacationing up in York, Maine. I also spend a lot of my off time studying new technology and finding new ways to handle video production!

My Family:

My wife Noel and I married in 2011 and enjoy our life in Washington Township, NJ with our 3 girls. Aubrey is our oldest and we also have twin girls, Ashley and Harper.

About Lane Video:


Multiple Sony HXR NX-80 Camera Rigs

Numerous Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K Camera Rigs

Editing Suites of Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas

ELMO Document Cameras

Roland V1-HD HD Video switchers

Numerous Black Magic Video Assist recording devices.

Gechic 15” Monitors

Dell and Apple laptop and desktop computers

Shure Audio Mixers

Sony lavalier wired and wireless microphones

Epson HD Projectors and Large Projector Screens for playbacks

Company Info:

Lane Productions is a company owned and run by highly skilled videographers with legal experience. Our reputation for providing rapid turnaround and affordable rates is what drives our success—and our growth. We started Lane Productions in 2011 to cover depositions around the Tri-State area but that grew significantly within a decade. We handle much more than deposition services now and can cover any size production project that fits your needs. We’re based 15minutes outside Philadelphia in Washington, Township NJ.

Our Services:

--Legal Industry Technical Services:
Remote and In Person Depositions. Witness only, PIP live recording, Multiple attorney camera recording, Document recording.
Day in the Life: At home, at work, at a help center, etc. Then edited down to a day in the life story for trial playback.
Trial Playbacks: Previously shot an edited footage. Deposition, or other, played for a jury at trial.
Site Inspections: Filmed and photographed on site, then produced to visually indicate to a jury how an area is, without actually being there.
--Live Streaming Event Services: Religious gatherings, Graduation or other group family events, Concerts and other outside venues. Streamed events are presented as a live multiple camera video production and then streamed to the platform of your choice. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo are some examples.
--Weddings, Graduations, and other related group family events: Shot with multiple video and still cameras. Then, after a brainstorm session with client, will be edited down to your liking.
--Other unique projects: We can brainstorm as a team to handle any client ideas they may have. Examples can be Memorial events, Award ceremonies, Music Videos, Commercials, Sporting events or highlight reels. If you have an idea, that’s all we need to turn your vision into reality.